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My name is Christie and I am honored to be able to connect you to your loved ones that have crossed over. I've been connecting with spirit since the age of 3-4 years old. As I got older I wanted to fine tune my gifts & have a better understanding. Of course a lifetime as a healer the majority of my life was in a sense like boot camp, preparing me for what was to come.

I made the decision to fine tune my gifts through many teachers through my journey. I can honestly say I learn something new every day, It is my honor to help you receive messages from your loved ones and the peace of knowing they are safe on the other side.

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Psychic Development

The next in person round starts August 5th!

Learn how to tap into your intuition, how to use your intuition in your daily life, and learn all about your Clairs (your psychic senses)!

Enrollment is open now, class starts August 5th!

Let me guide you towards healing...

Mediumship Reading


Have a beautiful conversation with your passed loved ones through evidence & presence.

Intuitive Reading


Connect with your spirit team for their guidance, answers to your questions, & peace.

Reiki Healing


Balance your chakras, clear energetic blocks, & receive intuitive messages via reiki healing.

Spiritual Guidance Workshops

take classes & workshops with Christie


I have dedicated the last decade of my life learning with many world-renowned teachers and developing my own spiritual gifts to bring you the highest quality of content through my classes.

I know you will find that the education and expansion that will come from my workshops will propel your growth quickly.