Hello, I'm Christie

psychic medium & spiritual guide

You may have found yourself looking for guidance or the desire to connect to a passed loved one. You are in the right spot!

Welcome & thank you for taking the time to learn more about my journey.

My story begins at a young age

I was around 3-4 years old when I had my first experiences with spirit. I was always a very sensitive child. Very observant and had nudges inside about people or places.

I remember always being teased for being too sensitive but it seemed like I felt everything! From the energy of my home to the people at the grocery store. I recall having vivid memories of seeing spirit in my room at night. Feeling spirit around me as a child. Trying to talk to me, I would then plug my ears and say go away! They would play music and do anything they could to get my attention.

Believe me, I wish I had the knowledge I do now but as a child. It would have taken away the fear I experienced because I had no one to explain or help me. the women in my family were always very intuitive but at that time these things weren’t discussed like they are now. My mother reinforced me using my gut at all times. Maybe this was her way of teaching me?


As time went on, I knew I was connected to a higher power


For me that was god. I grew up in Christian home but with a family that didn’t practice much spirituality. In all reality it was toxic. It taught me to really discern what I was feeling inside. I learned over time that I was protected. In many moments throughout my journey and I always knew that spirit was with me, guiding me and trying to keep me on my path.

As a teenager I asked god to please take away these visions because I wanted to be “normal”. HE did…. I spent the next several years living my life. Doing the things that teenagers enjoy doing. I will say, my empathic side never went away. I still had the nudges about people and places. Which I’m grateful for!

It wasn’t until my 20s that things started to come back into full swing. It took being in another stressful environment that triggered everything to open up again. At that time, it came back in a way that felt like anxiety & stress.

Over the years I have learned to heal and work through those feelings.


I’m grateful to be in a position to bring my knowledge to you

Looking back now I see many lessons that were laid in front of me. in a sense like a boot camp preparing me for this lifetime as a healer/medium.

This is a small glimpse into my life. Let’s spend some time together and have a conversation with a loved one or talk about your life. I would love to help you.