Spirit Communication

When I prepare for my day, I start off with a meditation first thing in the morning and I connect to my higher self.

I find first thing in the morning works best for me because we are closest to the spirit world right when we wake up or go to sleep. I connect and I will journal afterwards. This sets the energy for my day and allows my vibration or energy to increase so I can communicate with your loved ones. I also clear my space with sage or palo santo (Holy wood). I will discuss these in my blog about cleansing your space. 

When spirit comes into my energy, I can feel a shift that happens in the air around me.

I feel them step into my space. They usually will show up on my left-hand side and they will appear to me and show their physical characteristics. They can be quite funny because you see they show themselves with the same personality they had in their physical life. Some are funny but don’t get me wrong they all aren’t funny! I can get some grumpy spirits too. I just laugh because I know they want me to really see how they were.

I will then get the physical of how they pass. What I mean by this is I will feel ex: Heart attack, my heart will squeeze or my chest will get tight. They will bring through evidence of memories, objects, things/people/names that were important to them. This comes in the form of a photo, a movie playing in my mind or they will tell me a story. It is my job as the medium to put this all together and bring you the message.

Does it sound like a lot happening?

Yes, it is! It’s basically like playing charades and it’s my job to put the puzzle together. So multiple things are happening all at the same time. This is just a small taste of what the experience is like when connecting.

You can also develop the ability to connect with your loved ones. It just takes practice and patience and you too can receive messages from your loved ones. 


Hello, I'm Christie!


I am a Psychic Medium and I am here to share my experiences with you and take you on a journey with me!
I want to bring you into my world to experience all the things spiritual. Mediumship is a small part of what I do.

I'm also a certified Reiki Master and Intuitive. I am married, have a son and a beautiful granddaughter. I never know what my day will bring so I'm excited to bring you along my adventure that I call Life.

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