Spiritual Guidance Workshops

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Hello and welcome! My name is Christie and I’m so excited you are taking the first steps in your own spiritual growth.

I have dedicated the last decade of my life learning with many world-renowned teachers and developing my own spiritual gifts to bring you the highest quality of content through my classes.

I know you will find that the education and expansion that will come from my workshops will propel your growth quickly. You will leave with a better understanding of yourself and learn to work with your gifts rather than resist them. I’m looking forward to seeing and meeting each and every one of you.

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Join Us!

Souls Design is an in person event, July 24th!

Join us for a deep personal look at your own soul's design using your natal chart, human design chart, numerology, and other tools!

Explore with us on July 24th, 10am to 3pm
lunch and snacks provided

Psychic Workshops

Psychic 101
Development Workshop


This is a class for beginners that would like to learn how to tap into their intuition and learn how to use it in their daily lives. You will learn about the Clair’s (your senses) and how to use them to receive guidance from your guides and loved ones.

There will be lots of fun activities and information during our time together!

Psychic & Mediumship
Development Workshop


This class is for beginners that want to learn more or already working in this field.

Would you like to sharpen your skills and work with like minded people?

In this class you will learn to bring through messages from spirit by blending your Clairs and learn how to deliver a message with ease.
Working through different techniques you will learn to discern the messages you are receiving and have a better understanding.

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Healing Workshops

Crystal Sound Bowl
Healing Event


A crystal sound bath harnesses the reverberating sounds and vibrations of crystal bowls of all shapes and sizes to create a healing space that will bring you to a state of peace and mindfulness.

Sound therapy is an effective way to bring the body to a state of relaxation. It helps to remove blocks you may be experiencing as well as anxiety, stress, depression, trouble sleeping and so much more!

Reiki I


No experience required! Just the desire to heal yourself and others.

In this 1-day intensive workshop you will learn the skills and knowledge needed to immediately start giving yourself reiki as well as your loved ones.

This will be a small intimate setting where there will be lecture, discussion, attunement to the reiki symbol for reiki I and hands on practice and instruction. You will receive your certificate at the end of class.

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Chakra 101

7 week workshop beginning Feb 2021


This class is for beginners that want to learn more about the chakras and what they are exactly. I know the word can sound a little silly or may even be fun to say! These are important energy centers of the body. There are so many exciting things that will be shared during this 7-week workshop.

Each week we will take a deep dive into each chakra and learn what it is, its purpose and how we can clear, balance and use it to help us in our daily lives.

We will meet once a week and spend 1 week on each chakra. You will learn the proper foods, the essential oils and crystals to use to support each chakra.

You will be fully supported & guided along the way!

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